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Product Description


e cigarette in Lahore
Product Description
Essential Differences between Electronic Cigarettes and Ordinary Cigarettes:

  • Electronic Cigarette has no tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients to human body
  • Electronic Cigarette have no ignition required, without the danger hence will not lead to the of over 4000 chemical substance produced by the ordinary cigarettes, like carbon monoxide
  • Electronic Cigarette is harmless to other and the environment, without the danger of second-hand smoking
  • Electronic Cigarette has no possibility to cause fire. It can be used safely in most No-smoking places
  • According to the smoke-quitting procedure, the target of quitting smoke can be reached non-pain-fully within a certain period of time

Harmful Health Effects of Smoking Cigarettes:
  • Effects of Smoking: Tobacco smoke contains a substance called nicotine, a poisonous alkoid. It also has substances such as carbon monoxide, acrolien, ammonia, prussic acid, aldehydes and tar. Tobacco contains about 4000 chemicals which when heated produce a lot of substances that cause irreparable damages to the health
  • Diseases Caused: The harmful effects of smoking are numerous. Smoking affects lung and causes lung cancer. Its harmful effects do not end there. Cancer and some other illness such as heart diseases, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases are caused by the act. The risks associated with the use of oral contraceptives and, occupational hazards such as the use of asbestos sheets, are increased by the harmful effects of smoking
  • Passive Smoking: The dangers of smoking are not confined to the smoker himself. The non-smoker person by his side is also affected by the act of smoking. This is called passive smoking, inhaling the cigarette smoke of others. The passive smoking is also known as environmental or secondhand smoking
e cigarette in Pakistan
Product Benefits Mention Below

  1. Free from Tobacco, Tar, Nicotine, Alkoid & Carbon dioxide.
  2. Free from harmful & other poisonous substances.
  3. No risk of lung cancer & other diseases such as heart diseases, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Electronic Cigarette has no possibility to cause fire. It can be used safely in most No-smoking places.
  5. No addictive.
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Discounted Price Rs 1500
Package Included:
  • 2 x Atomizer
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 10 x Atomized Cartridges
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Plug
  • 1 x Cigarette Liquid

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